What is a Portable Pantry?

What is a portable pantry?

Restaurants, grocery stores, and others within the food and beverage industry store dry goods for not only their customers, but employees as well.

If your business has multiple locations, however, it may be difficult to offer the same products to those areas.

Not with a portable pantry.

Food Pantry
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In this article, we’ll look at what a portable pantry is, how it is used, and what industries can benefit from using one.

What is a Portable Pantry?


So what exactly is a portable pantry?

A portable pantry is a dry, mobile space that allows for you to store dry goods. Portable pantries are completely movable, so they can be placed in any area or location.

These portable pantries can vary in size, depending on business needs.

Now that you know what a portable pantry is, let’s look at how they can be used.

Using Portable Pantries

For many restaurants and stores, store rooms are the most common place to store their dry goods, from dry foods to inventory.

But excess supplies can sometimes mean that the store room fills up, making it hard to find specific items or place new items.

There’s also the challenge of supplying for additional locations. Sharing inventory across a town means constant driving back and forth or carting items from one car to another.

A portable pantry, especially one created from a shipping container, not only offers ample space for item, but can also help in other ways like:

Portable Pantry from Southwest Mobile Storage


Using shelving will help keep items off the floor, as well as placing similar items in particular sections. This also helps staff and/or employees easily clean around the shelving.


As mentioned, being able to access dry goods and inventory is crucial for busy restaurants and stores.

Custom doors allow for ease of entry for staff, crates, or large bags of food. And lockboxes and security doors ensure that only staff members are able to access the inside of the container.


Portable pantries are portable!

That means you can move them wherever you’d like on your business property. It also means that you can share it with your other locations.

You can also take them to any event, fair, convention, etc. and have your dry items or inventory close at hand.

Portable Event Container at Pima Waste

What industries are using portable pantries?

We’ve mentioned those restaurants and stores within the food and beverage industry, but other businesses can also benefit from a portable pantry.

Retail stores, especially those that also serve food, can definitely benefit from portable pantries.

Not only can they use these pantries for their dry goods, but they can use these pantries for their retail inventory.

Education is another industry that can benefit from a portable pantry.

K-12 schools up to universities and colleges can use portable pantries to help feed their large student populations.

Portable Pantry on a College Campus

There’s also an added bonus of allowing students help maintain inventory levels. They can even be used to grow food!

Another industry is construction. Construction sites often use containers for storage and mobile offices on their projects.

Having a portable pantry on site means easy access to dry meals or snacks for workers while working.

In this article, we answered the question ‘what is a portable pantry?’, gave some benefits to using one, and showed examples for the different businesses that can use one.

Portable pantries are great additions to businesses that need to store dry goods or even access goods as part of a growing business.

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