Why Cleaning Shipping Containers is So Important During A Crisis!

Why are clean shipping containers so important?

The last few weeks has been a trying and stressful time due to COVID-19 also known as the Corona virus.

Information is still being gathered, while testing facilities are struggling to supply enough tests for those who might be infected.

At Southwest Mobile Storage, we know this is an uncertain time, and your health and safety is our number 1 concern.

In this article, we’ll explain how we clean and sanitize our shipping containers and why this process is important for protecting you, our customers.

Why Clean Shipping Containers?

If you’re looking to use a shipping container for an upcoming project or move, you might be wondering why it’s important to have the shipping container cleaned thoroughly before you use it?

Shipping containers come in two forms: one-trip containers and used containers.

One-trip containers are shipping containers that have only made one trip overseas.

Used containers are those shipping containers that have taken more than one trip overseas.

Southwest Mobile containers

If you’d like to learn more about shipping containers, we have a great in-depth guide that goes over the history, types, and uses of them.

Regardless of whether you use a one-trip container or a used container, it’s important that your container is cleaned before you use it.


The simple reason is to sanitize the interior and exterior of the container to protect you from any germs it may have been exposed to on its trip overseas.

Shipping containers are built to transport items across the world.

That means dozens if not hundreds of germy hands loading, transporting and unloading each container.

Because of this massive exposure to germs, cleaning the container thoroughly ensures that any germs the container may have been exposed to are eliminated.

How Southwest Mobile Cleans Shipping Containers

When purchasing or renting a shipping container, most of our competitors will often just do a surface level cleaning then repaint their old containers.

Here at Southwest Mobile Storage, our focus is on ensuring that we provide our customers with the cleanest, most sanitary shipping containers on the market.

We have our own fabrication department in house where we put every container through an intensive 3 step process to ensure cleanliness.

Our process works like this:

  • When our customers have finished with their container, it’s brought back to our facility and inspected for damage and cleanliness.
  • If any repairs are needed, we wash the container before we begin repairs.
  • Once repairs have been completed, we do a second thorough exterior cleaning before bringing the container inside to repaint it (if necessary).

cleaning procedure

With the growing concern about COVID-19, we have upgraded our cleaning procedures even further to protect the health and safety of our customers.

Our upgraded cleaning process includes:

  • Placing returned containers directly on our wash rack, before performing a thorough exterior and interior cleaning.
  • Using a heated, high pressure power washer to clean the unit before anyone is allowed to touch it.
  • Washing the container again before we begin repairs.
  • A thorough exterior cleaning before bringing the container inside to repaint it (if necessary).

Cleaning Shipping Containers procedure 1 Cleaning Shipping Containers procedure 2

  • Finally, all of our mobile office containers are completely disinfected and wiped down on the inside to ensure a clean, sanitary environment for you and your belongings.

If you have any questions about our cleaning procedures or if you’d like more information on one of our clean, sanitized shipping containers, give us a call at 1.800.686.9114.